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Parish Plan

The original Parish Plan for Warmington & Arlescote was based on a survey carried out in 2012, adopted by Stratford District Council in 2018. Much has changed since that original survey, a number of the original action points have been addressed, although some remain to be dealt with. Some of the original concerns or issues have disappeared with the passage of time and/or changes in technology, whilst a number of new issues have become apparent.

This revision was carried out during 2023 in order to update the findings of the March 2018 version and to take account of changes to the demographics of the Parish. The revision is based on two separate surveys, which were carried out simultaneously in April 2023.

The first, the Parish Survey questionnaire broadly replicated the questions used to compile the original Parish Plan, in order to ensure there was consistency wherever possible, and to provide a sound basis for comparing the survey findings. It is the results of this survey that have been used to inform this revision. A small working group was set up to analyse the results of the Parish Survey and to translate these into revisions to the original Parish Plan.

At the same time a new Housing Needs Survey (HNS) was commissioned to establish whether there is an identified local housing need, as defined and recognised, for any new housing in the Parish. A revised HNS report was provided by WRCC in May 2023, following their analysis of the HNS returns.

It is not the aim of this revision to reproduce the whole of the original Parish Plan. Instead, it is a stand-alone document that should be read in conjunction with the original Parish Plan. The original adopted document can be found on the Parish Council website using the link below.



Which council should I contact?

The Parish Council is responsible for:-

  • Warmington and Arlescote Greens, including the goal posts but excluding the land and property managed by Orbit Housing around Court Close,
  • Warmington. Grass cutting within the parish.
  • The street lights.
  • The Warmington notice board.
  • The grit bins.
  • The benches.
  • The defibrillator at the Village Hall.

For any concerns you have about the parish contact the clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any member of the Parish Council - contact details below.

Contacting Stratford District Council:-

for services including:-

  • Council tax and housing benefit
  • Bin collection and large item collection
  • Environmental health (dogs, noise, nuisance)
  • Fly tipping Planning - application & enforcement

Contacting Warwickshire County Council:-

for services including:-

  • Bus passes.
  • Education,
  • child protection.
  • Highway issues including potholes.
  • Household waste recycling centres.
  • The Library service

Environmental and Neighbourhood Services Department Reporting Process

Please see linked below a document showing the process for reporting issues with environmental and neighbourhood services such as missed bin collections, obstructions to the highway, flytipping etc. Please note this document was produced for the county and there are some differences in some parishes. In Warmington and Arlescote we manage our own streetlights, and grass cutting so any issues relating to those along with any other parish council owned assets should be directed to the Parish Clerk on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Environmental and Neighbourhood Services Department Reporting Process

Warmington and Arlescote Parish Emergency Plan

Parish Councils are encouraged to have an Emergency Plan to try to prepare for most emergencies but for confidentiality reasons the council is not allowed to publish the full plan. After some discussion the Parish Council agreed that having as much of the plan available to the public as possible is beneficial so that anyone who notices an emergency in the parish has the relevant details available to them rather than needing to try to contact a parish councillor or the clerk first which could delay appropriate help. Please see below a link to a version of the Emergency Plan which includes contact details of those who have given permission for their details to be included.