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Role of a Parish Councillor

In summary a Parish Councillor should:

  1. Speak on behalf of the community, by ensuring that views of the electorate are represented on and to the appropriate bodies. These may be district, county, unitary or central government, or government agencies.
  2. Be aware of events, changes in the local area and needs of the community.
  3. Maintain and provide local amenities, which are council owned.
  4. Make decisions on expenditure within the parish.
  5. Contribute to the Council’s policy. A Councillor cannot act on his or her own. The power of the Council comes from majority decisions of the Councillors acting as a body.
  6. Ensure Council’s policy decisions are followed through. This will involve helping to set and agreeing a budget for every financial year. Take responsibility for ensuring the council’s financial procedures are correctly carried out.
  7. Be aware of and ensure that the obligations of the Council as an employer are put into practice.
  8. Respond to government initiatives for local communities.
  9. Keep in touch with good practices and events in the Local Council world.
  10. Attend Council meetings regularly.

Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils (Affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils)