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About Warmington & Arlescote Parish

Warmington and Arlescote together form a small parish of about 120 houses just five miles north of Banbury. Like many villages in the ‘Cotswold fringe’ it has a long history of occupation as demonstrated by recent finds of a hoard of Roman coins and a bronze-age beaker. The village is situated near the Iron-age Hill-fort of Nadbury Camp and several Saxon burials have been discovered nearby. The parish includes the hamlet of Arlescote which in the main was always part of the Manor of Warmington.

The Parish of Warmington and Arlescote lies in the Feldon, a predominantly rural, agricultural open landscape, crossed by numerous small rivers and tributaries.

Warmington, according to Pevsner, is a show village of Warwickshire. Built largely of local ironstone and nestled on the slope of Edgehill it is just inside the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AoNB) and is a truly lovely place to live. Many of the buildings are listed. Both Warmington and Arlescote are conservation areas. Whilst owning our homes, we are, never the less, merely guardians of the heritage left to us by previous generations and have a responsibility to leave a suitable legacy for those who follow. Warmington now has a Parish Plan to ensure that the village retains its essential character for years to come.