Warmington Village Hall

The Village Hall Rear Car Park Landscaping project has been completed this week (July 3rd), under agreed Committee budget (subject to a gravel bill) and with no injuries or incidents. With the considerable help from a brilliant Community Team from JLR, who were led by Nick Milanovic, the Warmington Village Hall Committee set themselves three main tasks.
1.   To gravel far end of the rear car park
2.   To repaint and seal the remaining fence in the car park
3.   To repair and complete picket fence to the left of the shed 

These tasks were achieved by the team with over 16 tonnes of soil and gravel being shifted, over 12 square meters of fence being painted and repainted and 10 meters of fence repairs being undertaken, not to mention a complete tidy up of the shed.   
DSC 0004
DSC 0198 

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Warmington & Arlescote are small but beautiful villages between Leamington and Banbury. They are situated within a Conservation Area and are on the edge of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Warmington Village Hall
Church Hill
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